Vice Provost for Research and
         Dean of the Graduate College

        Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

         Illinois Institute of Technology

         10W 33rd St   Room 217A PH

         Chicago, IL 60616


          Voice: (312) 567- 3042

          Fax:    (312) 567- 8874

          e-mail:  cinar@



Ph.D.        Chemical Engineering        Texas A & M University                             1976

M. Eng.    Chemical Engineering        Texas A & M University                             1973

B.S.          Chemical Engineering         Robert College, Istanbul, Turkey           1970



Complex Adaptive Agent-Based Systems

  Hierarchical multi-agent systems for supervision and control of complex adaptive systems

   Bifurcation analysis and complexity in large distributed systems

Supervision Of Manufacturing Process Operations

  Multivariable process monitoring, performance assessment, and fault diagnosis

  Nonlinear and multivariable process model development

  Knowledge-based systems for supervisory process control and intelligent process operations 

Modeling and Simulation of Biomedical Systems

  Dynamic modeling of glucose and insulin variations in blood for patients with diabetes

  Metabolic pathway models for signaling insulin secretion

  Monitoring and trend analysis automation in patient supervision systems

                                                                                         February 2003, IIT