BATCH FERMENTATION: Modeling, Monitoring and Control

Batch Fermentation: Modeling, Monitoring and Control

Hard Cover | Illustrated

Print ISBN: 0-8247-4034-3

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PenSim stands for Penicillin Simulator. We have developed a number of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for this simulator that can be run under different platforms. PenSim relies on unstructured mathematical model we have developed by extending existing models in the literature to account for engineering variables. The original simulator was developed in Matlab environment and compiled into C modules. These C modules were also integrated into a web-based GUI application. Recently, this simulator has been converted into C code for better performance and it is run on our web server. A stand-alone version that can be run under any Windows 32-bit environment was also developed and can be downloaded using the second link below. Stand-alone version (PenSim v2.0) allows users to introduce faults to the input variables and produces nicer graphs if desired.

Visit the following link for download information:

PenSim v.2.0 Stand-alone simulator (for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP)

Web-based Simulator for Education and Research:

Unstructured mathematical model of penicillin fermentation and its simulator were adapted into a web server application. This way simulator can be reached remotely and without consuming CPU power on the local computers. Graphical User Interfaces were developed. This application is used as class projects (fermentation process control and biochemical engineering) in various chemical engineering departments throughout the world. A stand-alone version was also developed and posted on the web to be used as data generator for studying empirical modeling, controller performance assessment and process monitoring techniques. This version has also received attention from scientific and industrial community.

Visit the following link for the simulator:

PenSim v.1.0 Web-based simulator